Massive new updates to Orkut : Google's social network strategy

As you know the facebook becomes No.1 social network in India after beating the Orkut. So, there is a reply from the Google as expected. Now, Google started updating Orkut and its content, Hopes to beat Facebook again. There is complete overhauling of Orkut, now it is more fast & beautiful than its previous version, Every part of Orkut is updated, here is the list.

The major new updates in Orkut are:

  • Login page of Orkut is updated and it looks are now similar to Google's other login page like gmail. There is a small strip on the login page which shows the recent posts from the Google's Orkut blog .This change will give user more personalize experience with a nice clean page
  • Major update, Now you can categorize the friends into groups like school friends, college friends, colleagues , family, everyone. Although this feature is already available in friends menu of orkut  but now it wiill be on home page just above the main profile . When you click a group (for example, "college friends"), you'll see updates, photos, videos and activities only from people who are part of that group. If you want to write them something, the scrap editor will automatically select everyone in the group and the privacy will be set to "Private" so you can share information that is relevant to that group only. Based on your interactions, orkut automatically suggests some groups of friends for you, and these suggested groups will be ready for you to use.

  • Scrap to all or Scrap to multiple people : It is the another feature which is most demanded by Orkut  users since its launch, Previously, many methods like Scrap to all by greasemonkey scripts, by javascripts are used . Now , it is officially launched , now no need to copy paste & enter captcha again and again for multiple scraps.Google named it as " Group scrap ".

    • Privacy in Groups : You can choose the privacy level you want for your messages. For instance, you can send a private scrap to a group of four people and only those four people can see it and reply to it. If they reply, you guys will have a private, group conversation visible only to you and those four friends. If you prefer going public, just send a scrap visible to all your friends or even send a public scrap so everyone in orkut can see it. It's your choice. Also, you can post without leaving the homepage and also you can decide who will receive the post. 

    •  New orkut is much faster than previous one, there are major updates in Games and apps page, birthday reminders, friend suggestions, communities.
    Google is slowly rolling out this feature , if this update is not visible in your account, then wait for 1-2 days. it will be updated soon.  

    Official video: New big Orkut Launch ( New updates to Orkut)

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