How to disable Google instant search on your computer

Google recently launched Google instant search for faster search results but it is annoying to many users like me due to its many Drawbacks. So, here is the method to disable google instant search.


  • Go to
  • Go to Settings , scroll to Search settings , it can be found on extreme top right corner of the page . 
  • You are now at your search preferences page . Now scroll down to find Google instant .

  • If you are unable to find it then look for " Autocomplete".
  • Select "do not use Google instant "
  • In case of  "Autocomplete" select "do not provide query predictions in box".

Please note that, 
  • if you are using multiple browsers in yoiur computer than you have to perform this task in each browser.
  • For multiple users profile, each user has to disable Google instant search in each browser by its own.

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