Drawbacks of Google Instant Search

As you know, Google launched Google Instant search, a new feature which predicts and displays search results as you type your search query -- right from the very first character.
But none is perfect , too with Google Instant search . There are many drawbacks of Google instant search which are listed below.

1) No Google Instant search in Google toolbars: Now a days, most of the users like me access the google from Google toolbar in firefox or internet explorer , no direct visit to Google.com in previous 1 week or so , Google Instant search feature isn't supported on browser-supported Google search toolbars. Google Instant search doesn't even work in Google Chrome's Omnibar.

2) No Google Instant on mobile: There is no option to use Google instant search on mobile . as it is currently no enabled for mobile or wap version of Google, so currently availble to any platform on mobile including symbian, android or java based. Although, Google announced  that " it will launch instant for mobile soon."

3) Google Instant Autopredict feature : As instant predicts words and phrases based on relevance but it doesn't quite guess everything right. That same applies to Google Instant search: If just by typing R (in the above example), Google Instant will throw up possible search terms that may have absolutely no relevance to what I'm intending to search (for eg: Rotten tomatoes). Some results are completely clueless which are appearing in results.

4) Google Instant's distracting page loads: Google Instant search's instant result page loads with every additional character in my search string and results changes with every additional character you type. It may even be distracting to some people who are used to the good old way of searching -- peacefully entering their search keywords .
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