Facebook is No.1 social network in India, leaving orkut behind

Facebook beats Google's Orkut this time. Facebook now becomes India's No.1 social networking site in terms of users, about 18 million users in India. Facebook popularity is due to its plugins which are almost integrated into almost all sites, so to avoid the registration, user prefers to use a single account of facebook to login to many services of other websites.

Another reason behind the success of Facebook is its applications or apps , which are very easy to use as compared to Orkut in applications are spammed heavily by users and mostly apps are not working at all. Some apps of Facebook received a huge success all over the world and India too like Farmville , Mafia wars. Mafia Wars is used by more than 10 million people all over the world.

Facebook is using Gmail's export contact option to find the users from your group on Facebook and it also asks users to invite friends by using users gmail account.
so, its Google behind the success of Facebook, who is sharing his resources :).

There are massive updates in Orkut to tackle Facebook by the Google. I will publish it later. This fight will become fierce soon as Giant Google started his Orkut updates with main focus on Privacy which is a major issue in Facebook.
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