Reliance Jio 4G services announced: Things you should know about Jio 4G

As expected, Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani has sounded the bugle for the company's 4G services at the company's annual general meeting (AGM) on Thursday. Ambani called the company's 4G LTE network largest in the world. Here are key highlights from his address to the shareholders. 

 Here are the highlights of Reliance Jio 4G :

* Under the company's welcome offer, the entire Reliance Jio services -- including voice, apps, 4G services -- to be available for free to everyone starting September 5th to December 31 2016.

* Makes voice calls free, no Jio customer will have to pay for voice calling

* Reliance Jio roaming charges will be 'Zero' withing India

* Jio base rate will be 1/10th of other players on data at Rs 50 per GB

* Reliance Jio data to have only 10 data plans

* Announces student discount, students to get 25% more data

* Jio's app booking, worth Rs 15,000 for an annual subscription, will be available free for all active Jio customers till December 31, 2017

* Jio is an entire eco-system that'll allow Indians to live digital life to the fullest: Mukesh Ambani

* Reliance Jio offers largest 4G LTE network in the world

* Aim is to move India from data shortage to data abundance

* Reliance Jio to offer free services till December 2016

* Announces 4G smartphones at Rs 2,999 under its LYF brand.

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Stop copying or stop stealing your data from computer by a pendrive or usb drive

How to stop copying your secret data in pen drive or USB drive

If you are using Windows XP/ Windows 7 / Windows 8  then you can stop data copying or stop stealing your data from your computer. One can view file in your computer and also copy this file in computer but cannot transfer or copy this file in USB drive.

1. First of all, Click Start, then run or press Windows + R button. A window will open , Type regedit or regedit32 .
2. In new window registry editor will open up. On left side, click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then to Systems > CurrentControlSet > Control .
3. In following list, locate Storage Device Policy, just press right click , select new and click New key # 1 Rename it Storage Device Policies
4. Now click on the right side of registry editor, click new and select Dword value option. Its name is New value # 1. Just right click it and by using modify command rename it to write protect.
5. By using value data option in same menu , rename it as write protect. In value data option change value from 0 to 1.
6. Close Registry editor. Now no one is able to copy data or steal data from your pen drive or USB drive in your computer.
7. If you want to remove this setting, you can change value from 1 to 0. It will be start copying again .

If you have problem in understanding this post or having some error or problem in implementing this solution, please let me know. I will try to resolve it as soon as possible. For any query, or any other details you can mail me : . Please subscribe my page for future updates.

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Secret codes for Android mobile phones

Android is the number one mobile platform in the world, supported & owned by Google, it is fastest growing mobile environment in the world. Now a days everyone owns a mobile phone which runs on Android. To know basic details we usually follows as Menu< Settings< About . But here are few secret codes which helps you to know some internal settings and even formatting your phone which only either developer knows or service center technician knows, but be careful using these codes otherwise your phone will be formatted or damaged at a great extent. So, use these codes on your own risk.
android secret codes

1. How to find IMEI code -
2. To know about phone and battery details
3. Code For Factory reset (Be careful , before playing with this code)
4.Code For Master reset or Full format code
5. Code To see Gtalk service screen
6. Code for Camera setting (developers code)
7. Code to Back up your phone
8. Code for GPS testing
9. Code for Bluetooth testing
10. Code to check SAR value ( May be it works in India only, SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate means Radiation emitted by mobile phone )

If you know some more codes , please let me know. I will publish them in my next post. For any query, or any other details you can mail me : . Please subscribe my page for future updates.

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