Now Search Faster with Google Instant search

Google introduces a new feature in its search section. "Google Instant"  feature just start to showing or say suggesting result even before you stop typing words to search.

It reduces readers time to type, also it takes only 300 milliseconds to find relevant words in search and only 30 milliseconds to shift from one results to another.

The main change we can observe from this feature is that you can get right content muchch faster than before now you don't need to type full search term , or even need to press search .

Main benefits of this feature are :
  • Faster searches : It produces instant results even before user finish typing, so time of user is saved about 5-6 seconds / search. Google cl;aims that this feature saves 11hr/ sec on internet all over the world, 11 hours are the time for typing in Google search.
  • Smarter Prediction : The predictions are highly accurate and pointing to the top results for that keyword. so, whenever you find the relevant keywords stop typing. 

  • Scroll to search - Scroll through predictions and see results instantly for each as you arrow down.
  • Instant Results : Now you need not to hit "search" for the results , most relevant link will appear will give you direct access to the site. see image below, you can access Gmail from direct link below search box.

You can access it at , It is automatically turn off for slow internet connections. It supports Google chrome, Firefox v3 and internet explorer 8. View the official video for Google Instant search below.

If you don't want to use Google instant search, you can turn it off by using your account preferences at .
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