How to create a Self - Destructible or Temporary Email Account

Sometimes , many websites asks you to register to use their services, even they are free to use, these sites mainly of online games, news, softwares and forums. Although they claim not to spam you but they may send you many unwanted emails daily or on weekly basis.
This problem increases day by day as now most of the sites requires registration before use.

Here, is the solution to avoid these spam mails

Spambox :

This site creates a temporary email account which lasts for 1 hour or the time you specify and it will forward all the email only after scanning it for spam. e.g : 
  • Create a temporary email account @ spambox.
  • Register at any forum you want with this email account.
  • Verify confirmation mail by using this account.
  • All done !! Now you can use that forum with username & password you register.
  • No more spam mails in your inbox.
Also, this method can be used to create lot of  fake profiles at Facebook and orkut , This is the best verified method to do this :) 

UPDATE  : Spam box is also available as Mozilla Firefox addon which can be used to create temporary email account ,valid for 12 hours : Download spambox addon

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