Nokia says bye bye to Symbian in U.S., move forward with WP7

Finally it is officially announced
"Nokia has said today that Symbian will be discontinued in the U.S. "

Android and iOS (Apple) is giving tough competition to Nokia all over the world, Symbian is now known as "The burning platform" as commented by Nokia's CEO S.Elope , a year before.Earlier this year, Nokia signed a deal with Microsoft to place fledgling Windows Phone 7 on Nokia hardware starting in September. So, finally Nokia started packing Symbian from U.S.
 Additionally, the company just released its first MeeGo device, the Nokia N9, which has seen critical success in Europe.

Nokia's U.S. president Chris Weber said
"Once WP7 comes out, we will essentially be out of the Symbian business, the S40 business, etc. It will be Windows Phone and the accessories around that. The reality is if we are not successful with Windows Phone, it doesn't matter what we do (elsewhere)."
Nokia's first WP7 device should each run on 'Mango,' the much anticipated update for the firmware that brings hundreds of new features.


  1. Meh, I don't like Windows Phone 7 at all, I used it once and it was simply terrible. What would be cool would be Nokia using their MeeGo on the phones. Nokia N9 looks amazing with it.

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