Recover or reopen recently closed Windows applications

I recently bought a laptop MSI CX620 , it is nice laptop but its keypad is very sensitive , so whenever i am using it, sometimes there is an accidental closure of Windows applications.
So, it is very irritating to me because i have to start all the applications again, Although i can disable the keypad by using Fn + F3  on laptop but its like a desktop user without mouse .

But there are several apps available on the internet which are used to recover these programs which are accidentally closed by the user.

  • Recover programs by Windows inbuilt feature :
Programs which are recently closed can be opened from the " recent documents " folder from the start menu , it can be used only for the programs or files.

You can not open folders by this which are accidentally closed. this feature only open the file from its last saved position, it means your all unsaved data will be lost.

  • ReOpen - Open recently closed programs and folders instantly .

    This program  is very small and free utility , it helps to open recently closed files,folders and programs. you can open folders and programs applications with a hot key "shift + pause" or you can simply access it by clicking middle mouse button on the desktop. List length adjustable from 10 to 64 entries.

    Download :   Link1

    • Gone in 60s : Recover recently closed programs by mistake
    Small utility that allows you to recover recently closed programs, the limitation of this program is that , it opens only the recently closed programs in last 60 seconds.

    To recover,  Double click the icon to restore or recover all the apps.

    If no program is visible in the list, you can not do anything means it is gone in 60 seconds!!!

    Download :    Link1

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