How to remove Autorun virus from your computer or laptop

Autorun virus is the most common virus which is still active ,it is actully a Worm that secretly and maliciously integrates itself into program or data files. It spreads by integrating itself into more files each time the host program is run.
The reason behind the vast spread of this virus is because this virus spreads by the removable medias like: cd, dvd, pen drives(most commonly), memory cards. this worm creates autorun.inf in the directories they want to infect.It is used to hide other malicious programs. when a removable media is inserted into the computer, the autorun.inf and consequently the actual malicious program is automatically executed.

How To Remove:

  • There are many programs available on the internet but the best program which i used for the removal of this worm is "Autorun Eater".It is a Freeware , so no needs for activation or purchases.
  • This program automatically scans the whole hard drive as well as removable media whenever inserted and automatically removes the infection.
  • Autorun Eater will remove any suspicious 'autorun.inf' files even before the user attempts to access the drive.
Download : Link1 : Link2
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