How to bypass surveys in just a single click

If you are visiting any popular site or any download page , there is an annoying pop up window  which asks you to complete surveys or download toolbar to access that page but even after completing these useless surveys you are unable to access that page.... so , in order to bypass these surveys, you need to do these following things:

  • Just disable your javascript 
  • In  firefox : Go to Tools -> Options -> Content -> Make sure "Enable JavaScript" is Unchecked. 

 All done!!! I personally used it successfully  on many sites like and even used it on, where it is in advanced form to detect disabled javascript.

In case of these type of sites after disabling javascript, reload the page and just after loading , press the stop button it will stops the redirection of the page to cpalead page..

I  tried many methods including proxy servers, link generators but all are unsuccessful ... but this method is simplest and easiest one...

if you know any other method like this you can share it in my comment section. . .

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