How to make money online

This is a very common question asked by the internet users in every social network, website, blogs, forums and many places. It is the most popular keyword in google, if you search about "How to make money online" you will get 388,000,000 results from google. so , you can see there are millions of sites claiming , to make money online.

First thing you should know that more than 90% sites are Fake , Spam e.g These sites are created by hackers or any user to know your credit or debit card detail. Even if they dont ask for your detail , they will install a spyware or trozan in computer or laptop. So, beware!!!

But some sites are genuine too, the are various methods to make money online are:
  • Earn by reading articles
  • Earn by reading emails
  • Earn by viewing ads
  • Earn by blogging
 i am creating a list of sites which are genuine and helps you to make money online this list will updated in every few months:          
This site launched recently and becomes the most popular sites over the internet, in this site you just need to read and rate the articles accordingly. they will pay minimum of $ 50 and payment is done by paypal. click here to join. .                               

    This site is one of the popular sites to make money by reading ads, everday about 10-15 ads are displayed. The earning of this site is mainly based on referrals as you will also share the earning of referrals . they will pay minimum of $ 50 and payment is done by alertpay. click here to join. .              
    I just listed a small list of money making sites but i will expand this list more in future , please suggest me more if you know any other money making site . 
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