Things that Apple want to hide from you - Top Ten Failures of Apple PART 2

In previous post, i posted about the Apple products which failed badly in the market. Here is
the list of the last five products that failed.

6. 20TH Anniversary Mac
It is one of the first desktop that comes with LCD screen panel. It launched at a price of $8000 and only 12000 units are made for selling still it fails. After its poor performance it is sold at merely $2000.

7. MobileME
It is one of the biggest failure of Apple. Steve Jobs suspends entire team of MobileME, Many
engineers claims that this failure is due to Steve Jobs wrong decisions about MobileME not because of the inefficiency of MobileME team.

8. Macintosh TV
It is a combination of Mobile + TV. It is launched in 1993, near about 10,000 units sold but it
is still considered as a failure by Apple due to poor sales than expected.

9. E-World
It is one of the most hyped product of Apple, launched in 1994. It is failed due to its
complicated design and low user base.

10. iTunes Ping
Launched in 2010, it is a social media based program, failed due to bugs in software which
leads to wrong information sharing among its users.

 Although, Apple products failed but its success is much bigger than that. This post is not written to show failures of Apple but to show how it evolves to become most valuable brand. It learns from its failures and created excellent products like iPhone,iPad etc. From Apple we can learn that SUCCESS is never ending and FAILURE is never Final.  Stay tuned for more....
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