Things that Apple want to hide from you - Top Ten Failures of Apple

Apple Inc. is one of the most successful technology company of 21th century, but this success
is not a continuous process even Apple had to suffer from failures multiple times. Many products
failed but Apple innovative leaders like Steve Jobs helps Apple Inc. to overcome these
failures. Here is the list of Apple products which failed badly in the market.

1. Apple Lisa

Lisa is the daughter of Steve Jobs, this product developed in years 1983-1986. The cost of this
computer is $10,000 but this product badly fails due to its poor responsive design. Even Apple  destroys some of its unsold units instead of selling.

2. Apple Macintosh Portable

It is launched in 1989, It is only portable by its name, weighing more than 16 pounds and costs
about $6500. This product fails due to poor battery system.

3. Apple III

This product started in 1978, fails due to the excessive heating of motherboard. Steve Jobs
ordered the technicians to remove the motherboard cooling fan as it was making a loud noise but it damages the cooling system of motherboard, so, he is the man behind the failure of this product.

4. Apple ROKR

It is a joint venture of Motorola and Apple. I is the first phone that comes with Apple iTunes software. More than 100 songs can be transferred by this software. This product fails due to its buggy operating system which don't allow users to switch from calls to music and vice-versa.

5. Apple Bandai Pippin

Do you know Apple even tries to launch its own Gaming device but failed, device known as Apple
Bandai Pippin. It is launched in 1995, like other failed products, its cost is sky-high about $400.

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