How to make money from twitter

Twitter is second most popular social media platform after Facebook, it is used to share your views in small messages form called tweets. It can be used for making money too, here, you can learn the technique by which to can earn money from twitter by spending just 1-2 hour daily.

First, You should know that twitter is used, conversation form of social media, people usually twwet about their problem on the twitter like someone has 'slow internet', someone has skin related problem. ,he/she tweet about that ,so we take benefit of that and earn money and also helping them to get rid of their problem.

Steps to earn money from twitter

1. First of all, Selection of niche is very important, you should choose niche in which people want immediate solution like 'slow computer' or 'slow internet' etc. Now,suppose you chose “slow computer” now you go to,which is the most popular website for IT products ,sign up as their affiliate and you will find lots of products related to “slow computer”.

2. Now ,Go to and search for reviews about that clickbank product,  If this product got  good reviews ,  Go to Twitter and find the people (tweets as mentioned above) that have slow computer related problem or any niche in which people want quick solution.

3. Now search the people who actually need help, you need a special query to find that people , Go to search Box and type “slow computer -http -www” without quotes, it helps to find the people that actual need help, not spammers that promote their products on twitter (see the image below).

4. But in case of affiliate marketing through twitter, please don’t throw your affiliate links directly to them ,they will mark your reply as spam ,what you can do is to start in conversation with them so try as much as possible to participate. After some conversation send affiliate link me as 'Hey, you can try this product (affiliate link), i found this product very effective in solving this problem'.

There is no limit on earning by this method, please don't spam otherwise there will be no sale. Just start conversation and when time is right, share your affiliate link. This method works 100 percent and never failed, if done accordingly.
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