iPhone 5 : Latest updates about most awaiting phone, specifications, release

iPhone 5 becomes the most awaited phone ever, everyone is waiting for it. Every day rumors about iPhone 5, create a buzz in web world, Most rumors are fake, only some rumors are true. Apple maintained a hardcore secrecy about iPhone 5, They are planning to launch iPhone 5 in a mega event in October. So, after exploring many reliable sources, here is what you should expect in iPhone 5.

The reports so far indicate that the iPhone 5 will have the Apple A5 processor used in iPad 2 and an 8-megapixel camera for high quality photos. Apple iPhone 5 will be the first device from the company to feature a dual-mode chip to support both GSM as well CDMA networks. Till date, Apple has not released 64 GB storage capacity loaded iPhone. Most likely the iOS 5.0 might be released along with the iPhone 5. Apple is expected to make the iPhone 5 available in October in US at least. Bad news for T-Mobile customers : T-Mobile will not get the iPhone 5 this year :( as CMO, T-Mobile said.

The launch date of Apple's iPhone 5 is still not known, It is expected as 15 October or 21 October , Whatever, its still a mystery which will be solved , only be Apple Inc. So, have patience. If you like this post, Kindly bookmark or Share this post with your friends.
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