Upcoming Apple Iphone 5 preview , features, rumors, release and much more

The current update for Iphone 5 is that its release may be delayed due to the fire in Foxconn factory in China After Friday's fatal explosion and fire at a Foxconn manufacturing plant, Apple's (AAPL) iPhone 5 release date may be in trouble. The tragic incident could delay the new iconic smartphone. It'll certainly have a chilling effect on iPad 2 production.).So, not only Iphone 5 will be delayed but it will also affect the peoduction of iPad 2 .

So, today i can do a preview of Iphone 5 which is expected to be launched in Sep - Oct 2011, what is expected and what's in rumors for iphone 5.

The main specifications of Iphone 5 are :

  1. Resolution : Resolution is main aspect which every mobile phone and Iphone 5 will be provided with "960 x 640." more than Iphone 4.
  2. Storage : Its storage capacity increases minimal range from  "8GB/16GB"  to  "32GB/64GB" minimum.
  3. Processor :This time Iphone 5 will be provided with "1.4GHz Apple A5 Dual Core Processor". So, a much faster Iphone than its previous generations.
  4. Camera : Iphone 5 will be provided with 8 Megapixel Autofocus with dual LED flash light. A second front end camera will be there for video calls.
  5. Video : Record  & watch HD video upto "1080p HD at 25fps/720p at 30fps" which isone of the most demanded feature by Iphone users.
  6. Ram : Iphone 5 is fitted with "1 GB ram" which make the processing of Iphone 5 more faster then Iphone 4.
  7. Connectivity : Iphone provide wide variety of connectivity features like "WiFi/UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA/3G/HSPA+/4G, GSM, Bluetooth. 1xEV-DO (Supported in Verizon Version)".
  8. Battery life :Another main aspect about which every one make a forecast while purchasing new mobile,but iphone provide you "8 Hr over 4G and 13Hr over 3G/12 Hr Web".
  9. Price : Price of Iphone 5 will be as "US$199/$299" which is not fixed may be changed during the time of release.
  10. Size : Iphone 5 size is "4.82 x 2.53 x 0.34", larger than iphone 4.
So, These are the features expected from Iphone 5 , there may be change if any will be in processor or voice based apps in Iphone 5. Iphone will get tough competition from Samsung Galaxy S2 (based on android 2.3 and processor speed up to 1.5 Ghz) and N9 ( Meego based , 1.2 Ghz processor) from Nokia .
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