Order Google's Chromebook (Cloud computing based notebook) from June 15, 2011

Google is launching its most awaited operating system on June 15, 2011 . Google presenting it in Samsung and Acer notebook , so called as Chromebook .
Some of the benefits of the Chromebooks are that they have all-day battery life and built-in Net connectivity. With Verizon Wireless, the Chromebooks will offer pay-as-you-go pricing, with monthly or daily passes for 3G connectivity.

The Chromebooks get updates every few weeks, just like Chrome. Users don't have to worry about installing patches. The new devices have dual-core processors from Intel.
Google also announced enterprise pricing: Businesses can get Chromebooks, a Web console for management, support, warranty, replacements if something breaks, and hardware auto-updates for $28 per user per month.
These laptops will be very different from ordinary laptops with a long 8 hours battery life,claims 8 seconds boot up time , no OS but only Google web browser which helps you to use thousand of  web apps based on cloud computing, by creating an account you can access your all programs and settings from any chromebook. So, no threat of data loss or no need of data back up, this is the main advantage of this chromebook. more info here

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