How to invite your friend to Google + 'Plus' instantly

I already posted about the Google + which is now open to most of the Google users. After joining the Google + you can invite your friends to create a 'circle' but invitation through  circles are slow and lags by 1-2 hour while i give you an option by which you can invite you friend within a minute.

Just log in to your Google plus profile on the top left corner you can see the share button as shown in image above.

Click on the share button & add your friends email address in the bar , until it changes to blue colour or gives you option to add email like "". see the below image

Now type any message like i am inviting you to join Google plus. Your message will be delivered by email to your friend ,within 1 minute with the link to join Google plus. enjoy.

This is what is delivered in email instantly, just click on the link to 'view or comment on post' , it will redirect you to join Google + .
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