Google + (plus) is open to all, no need for invite

Google's latest project "Google +" is now open to all users who have a Google account. Google + will be a challenge to Facebook as its interface is similar to Facebook. Few days before, it was open to users with invites only, which leads to spammers and hackers to spread a scam over the internet in the form of Google + (plus) invitation. Even some people starting to sell invites on ebay too.

So, Now Google opens the 'Google + ' to all users with , Google account. You just need to go to and log in with your Google account.

There might be chance that you are among few unlucky people and may not see Google+ open sign up page and continue to see the web page with link to “Keep Me Posted” to send update when available. see  image

Google+ has a few unique features which set it apart from most popular social networking site Facebook. Some unique feature includes “Circles” for organizing contacts into groups for sharing, “Huddle” for communicating through instant messaging within circles, “Hangouts” as places for facilitating group video chat.  So, join now and enjoy next generation social networking . 
If you are unable to sign in and want a personal invite, you can use contact me form, i will invite you as soon as possible.
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