How to bypass compulsary registration of the websites to reduce spam in your email

BugMeNot is an internet service that provides usernames and passwords to let Internet users bypass mandatory free registration on websites. It aims to allow Internet users to access websites that have registration walls (For e.g IMDB- without the requirement of compulsory registration. This came in response to the increasing number of websites that request such registration.

Many Internet users find this to be an annoyance and a potential source of spam e-mail. BugMeNot itself used to parody these sentiments in its own fake registration form.

However, it does not allow them to add accounts for pay websites, as this could potentially put BugMeNot in legal trouble. BugMeNot also claims to remove accounts for any web site that requests that they do not provide accounts for non-registered users.

Opting out :

BugMeNot provides an option for site owners to block their site from the bugmenot database, if they match one or more of the following criteria:
  •     A community site where users register to change content, but not to view it.
  •     The site is pay-per-view.
  •     There is a fraud risk associated with the site due to accounts containing private financial information.
So, visit now. .
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