.CO.CC domains are now blocked in Google search results

.co.cc domains blocked google

.co.cc is a free subdomain service provider based in Korea ,offers .co.cc subdomain to websites or blogs for free, if you want to host or already hosting your website on .co.cc then you should avoid it because it will be no longer available in Google Search.

Google is the biggest search engine on the web , Un-listing from Google means there will be huge loss of visitors to your blog. The explanation shown below is given by Google for blocking this service
"Over the past few months, Google’s systems have detected a number of bulk subdomain providers becoming targets of abuse by malware distributors. Bulk subdomain providers
register a domain name, like example.com, and then sell subdomains of this domain name, like subdomain.example.com. Subdomains are often registered by the thousands at one time and are used to distribute malware and fake anti-virus products on the web. In some cases our malware scanners have found more than 50,000 malware domains from a single bulk provider."
You can get same problem if you are using free subdomain like .tk .So, avoid using free subdomain name service and get your own domain name.
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