How to hide text in a document easily

This is a very useful trick , Simply hide the text and see the magic. Your data is still there and yet invisible at the same time. Yes, only you will know that some additional data exist as others will not be able to view it. To hide text in a document :

  • Open the Microsoft Word document. Write or select the text to be hidden.
  • Click on the 'Home' tab.
  • Under the Font section , click on the small arrow at the right-end corner to open the 'Font' dialog box. [For MS Word 2003 , select Format | Font.]
  • Under the 'Effects' section , click in the check box next to 'hidden'.
  • Click 'OK'.
  • To make the text visible again, select the whole document by pressing [Ctrl] + [A].
  • Then go back to the same options  and uncheck the option 'Hidden' .Your text is back again.
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