Google Worries Over The Android OS Fragmentation

If Google rolls out a new operating system for its Android devices, it will take atleast 6 months to reach in Users hands. It is not must for any manufacturer to provide each and every update of Google to its users. Most of the users only buy mobiles of companies having better support centres, very less users cares about future updates to their mobile phones. Most of the new updates are reserved for upcoming handsets of a company.

This Table Shows The Current Android OS distribution On The Market :

Real Hackers Point : Android Fragmentation

Google don't like this fragmentation of this type because it makes a lot of trouble for apps developer to port their apps to this large variety of hardware's, versions and interfaces, including Google's own apps. So, Google created a Generic or modular design since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich version in which Google can upgrade some parts of the OS like Play Store, Download Manager And Some Other Stuff, Regardless of the manufacture.

So, What Is The Main Reason Behind This Fragmentation ? 

  No Money For Handsets Manufactures :

Most of the companies do not offer any upgrades because they use new OS updates to attract new customers. Also, most of the users are on limited internet plans and Over-The-Air updates are of very large size but main reason behind this fragmentation related problem due to the "No Profit" for handsets manufacturers.

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