Average Smartphone User Downloaded 25 Apps in Mobile Phones, What about you ??

If you are using a smartphone, how many apps you are using out of total installed apps in your phone?  South Korean smart phone user has downloaded 40 apps - highest in the world (World Average is 25 apps) but South Korean users pay for just 2.7 apps out of 40 apps. Japan is global leader in purchasing apps , where smartphone users pay for 17.5 apps (World Average is 5.6 paid apps)

But South Korean smartphone users pay for just 2.7 of their 40 downloaded apps on average, which is way fewer than global leader Japan, where smartphone users pay for 17.5 apps, and below the global average of 5.6 paid apps.

Statista created this list by collecting Google's Our Mobile Planet data, which ranks the top 10 countries where smartphone users downloaded the most apps.
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