Google plans to buy Whatsapp in $1 billion??

Google's Android platform is a success but Google is still stuggling for a common social messaging  service, Google uses many social messaging services like Google chat, Hangouts, Integrated GTalk but the software giant still needs to have a unified messaging service. Babble chat service still not fully functional at all.  Babble is a Google's cross chat platform like Whatsapp but still in development stage .  So, Google wants to acquire Whatsapp; the common messaging service on all mobile platforms.
According to Digital Trends, The negotiations started between Google and Whatsapp team started some four or five weeks ago. $1 billion is the estimated amount of deal for Whatsapp. Social networking giant Facebook also wants to buy Whatapp, but it didn't work out.
In my opinion, Google will definately buy Whatsapp because its there are millions of users of Whatsapp   which will automatically becomes readymade base for Google's mobile ads, as Google mobile advertising strategy is still struggling too. (WhatsApp was founded by Brain Acton and Jan Koum in 2009. The cross-platform app is available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10 OS, Symbian S40, Symbian S60 and Windows Phone platform.)

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