Beginners guide to Windows 8 mobile phones

I would like to write this guide for the people who are new to Windows 8 Phone and I hope this guide helps them to understand, how things works in Windows 8 phone, So, stay back and enjoy reading this newbie guide to Windows 8 phones (especially Nokia Lumia 520+ models)

1.Social Networking And E-Mail :

Make sure you add all your accounts.If u didn't add your Facebook/ Twitter/ Linkedin/ Gmail accounts.Go to Settings >> email + accounts option >> Add all your accounts by giving username and password. There is a live tile called "Me" Tile in start screen.This tile can post update , check-in and set chat status and see whats new on your social networks (for seeing updates you must go swipe towards right). You can post updates to all networks at same time if u want (you can tick/ untick them)

In messaging application , press 3 dots at bottom right and enter settings , You can turn on Facebook chat to ON (Incase if its OFF) , turn on/off backup , group text etc.

You can switch to Facebook chat and SMS without damaging the conversation of messages you have (in other words , SMS and Facebook chat are merged into one place and you can switch and choose one)
So , that's how you can easily manage social networks.

2.Groups :

People app has all the contacts but You can create groups (example : Family as one group , Work as another group and Friends as another group etc.).

You can create a group and select the contacts you want.For example , if u have friends , you probably also have them on facebook , right ? You can link their phone number , facebook , twitter account into single place.

For example , if u have a group which has all your friends , You can swipe towards right and see all their updates from facebook,twitter,linked in etc. (everything is automatic , just add your facebook account and WP automatically links your SIM phone numbers and their facebook accounts but if u don't like this , you can filter out facebook contacts through options , so that your people app shows only contacts from your SIM card)

3.Camera :

Smartphone cameras are very popular these days.They come handy for capturing great moments. Every Windows Phone comes with dedicated camera key and you can simply launch camera even when the phone is locked (press camera key for 3 seconds to launch it from lock) and to share it , you can swipe towards left as soon as u take the pic and share it via mail , Bluetooth , Facebook etc. (Remember to turn ON bluetooth so that bluetooth appears in sharing option)

So , what if phone has passcode lock ? Yes camera key works even at that time but u can only capture pics but can't share them.(you cannot swipe left to see other pictures)

You can choose lenses option to launch apps related to camera inside the camera itself (for example u can switch from cinemagraph to sophie lens/blink inside the camera without need for going back to start screen.)

4.Multimedia :

Video formats supported are only AVI , MP4 , 3GP. If u want playback of mkv/flv , you need to convert them.Nothing much to say about music.You have Nokia music to cater all your needs. No you can't get Youtube or flipboard or letterpress on WP but you can find similar apps with great quality.

Apps - 
Youtube - Metrotube app (which can also download youtube videos)
Reader - Nextgen Reader/Fuse/Collector/Wonder Reader
Lot of twitter clients available.
News/things related to WP - WPCentral app
Instagram - Instagraph , #2InstaWithLove
Letterpress - Wordament
Google Maps - Nokia Maps
Dropbox - Boxshot
Reddit - Baconit
Stocks - My Stocks Portfolio,Stockmap
Weather - Accuweather/Amazing weather HD

Kid's Corner is another great feature , You will understand it if u watch a youtube video , so not explaining it.
Sync/Managing tools for PC :
Windows Phone app for Windows 8 (which imports playlists from iTunes)

5. Live Tiles :

You can pin many things not just apps.Videos , albums , Fav pics , groups , people etc.WP8 features live lockscreen support as well.For example , if u set bing , you get a new wallpaper on your lock screen everyday.It changes automatically.

Hope this helped.Enjoy your new WP !
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