Generate funny status updates for Facebook, Twitter

If you are a active social networking person who wants to keep their status something amazing but funny too. If you are out of imaginative ideas, you can now generate them automatically. You can use this online status updater to generate new status every day. You can use this status on any social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter.
To start, just enter your name and click 'Generate'. If you want to generate status, related with specific tags, you just need to enter any word and click 'Generate'.

 You can found many sample status generated by for me, below :

Sample Status Generated By For Me

  • Ravi is the one that put a hole in the ozone layer
  • Ravi is trapped in the Facebook status message textbox; send help!
  • Ravi never takes life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
  • Ravi is out of his mind - back in five minutes
  • Ravi doesn't need your attitude; he's got one of his own. is very useful, when you are out of creativity. Just use this website and amaze your friends with mind blowing status updates
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