Convert Windows 7, Vista, XP into Windows 8 by Windows 8 transformation pack

Windows 8 is most beautiful version of windows , available yet. It has many new visual effects like Metro Homescreen, Charms bar and square edged windows. Windows 8 will be launched on October 26. Now you can style your old Windows into Windows 8 by Windows Transformation Pack . You can convert Windows 7, XP or Vista into original Windows 8 RTM original interface.

It also install Live tiles, Metro apps on your computer. You can see the installed Metro apps list below :

Metro Apps on Windows 7
These Metro Apps are:
1. Pictures (Photo Viewer)
2. Video (Video Player)
3. Internet Explorer
4. Settings
5. Weather, Calender and Clock.
6. App Store (didn’t work for me though)
7. Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Socialize apps.

You can download Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows 7, XP or Vista from this link.

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