Android, Samsung tops in smartphone sales beats Apple iPhone

 Android beat the Apple iPhone in terms of sales in first quarter of 2012, Samsung topsin smartphone sales among the Android manufacturers. Android smartphones made up 56% of the global smartphones sold to end users in the first quarter of 2012, giving them a far higher share than the 22.9% held by Apple’s runner-up iPhone.
Samsung was by far the biggest Android smartphone maker as its devices accounted for nearly 44% of Android-based smartphone sales. The other Android vendors, including HTC or Motorola, were all at 10% or less, With the 34.5 million Samsung Android smartphones sold ( a 23.9% share), the South Korean manufacturer beat out the 33.1 million Apple iPhones sold (a 22.9% share), Earlier this month, IDC estimated that Samsung shipped more smartphones to retailers than Apple in the first quarter. IDC said that Samsung shipped a record 42.2 million smartphones in the quarter compared to 35.1 million Apple iPhones.It’s the first time mobile phone sales have declined since since the second quarter of 2009. 

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