World's cheapest tablet finally hitting market on October 5

Yes, all hurdles are now finally removed, World's cheapest tablet manufactured and developed by Indian Government , will hit the market on October 5. I already posted about this 35 $ tablet in June 2011, this tablet is delayed due to some tender problems related with HCL company who manufactured these tablets, all problems are now solved and finally, the dream of launching an Indian Tablet with a price tag of $35 (INR 1700) has come true and India is all set to witness this man’s dream on October 5, 2011 according to sources.
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$35 Tablet: Features/Specs
  • 7 ‘’ Touch-screen
  • 2 USB ports
  • 32GB HD
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Video-conferencing facility
  • Multimedia content
  • Wifi
It is said to support video conferencing, viewing a wide selection of video and image files, word processing, de/compressing files, wireless communications, and remote device management.The tablet will also support Open Office, SciLab and full Internet browsing with Javascript and Flash, HCL will send around 10,000 tablets to educational institutes within the next few weeks. Reports claim that the government later plans to further subsidize the cost by 50 per cent which means the device may cost somewhere around Rs 1,100.

Well,  we are eagerly waiting about the device and we certainly hope that this project lives up to its expectation. If executed well, this can drastically change the way education is imparted and importantly, open up plethora of possibilities for startups/technology companies to build products around the education ecosystem.
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