How to type special characters in Windows & MacOS

If you want to type special characters like © , ®  from keyboard, you need not any special special software ,just follow the codes given below and specific character will be typed.
To get more characters , you can use Character map . You can access it via programs> accessories > system tools > Character map.

It is very useful built-in tool for windows 7. It will show HTML code, HTML description  and includes hundreds of characters.

Glyph     MacOS Windows  Description

¡ option+1 Alt+0161    inverted  exclamation

¢ option+4 Alt+0162 cent sign

£ option+3 Alt+0163    pound sterling

¤ Alt+0164 general currency sign

¥ option+y Alt+0165 yen sign

¦ Alt+0166 broken vertical bar

§ option+6 Alt+0167 section sign

¨ shift+option+u Alt+0168 umlaut

© option+g Alt+0169 copyright

ª option+9 Alt+0170 feminine ordinal

« option+\ Alt+0171 left angle quote

¬ option+l Alt+0172 not sign

­ Alt+0173 soft hyphen

® option+r Alt+0174 registered trademark

¯ Alt+0175 macron accent

° shift+option+8 Alt+0176 degree sign

± shift+option+= Alt+0177 plus or minus

² Alt+0178 superscript two

³ Alt+0179 superscript three

´ shift+option+e Alt+0180 acute accent

µ option+m Alt+0181 micro sign

option+7 Alt+0182 paragraph sign

· shift+option+9 Alt+0183 middle dot

¸ shift+option+z Alt+0184 cedilla

¹ Alt+0185 superscript one

º option+0 Alt+0186 masculine ordinal

» shift+option+\ Alt+0187 right angle quote

¼ Alt+0188 one-fourth

½ Alt+0189 one-half

¾ Alt+0190 three-fourths
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