A single universal driver for multiple HP printers

 If you are using HP printer and lost its driver cd/dvd or you are running multiple HP printers in your office, than you can install HP Universal Print Driver whicjh is a universal driver for most of the HP printers. It is officially released by HP. Basically, it is a generic driver for all HP printers, It can be used for following models:

HP LaserJet / Color LaserJet Network

* CM1015 MFP CM1015 MFP* 1200 series* 1300 series* CM1312 MFP series* 1320 series* CP1510 series* M1522 MFP series* P2015 series* CP2020 series* P2030 series* P2050 series* 2100 series* 2200 series* 2300 series* CM2320 MFP series* 2400 series
* 2500 series* 2550 series* 2605 series* 2700 series* M2727 MFP series* P3005 series* 3015 AiO* 3020 AiO* M3027 MFP series* 3030 AiO series* M3035 MFP series* 3050 AiO* 3052 AiO* 3055 AiO* 3200 AiO series* 3300 MFP series* 3390 AiO* 3392 AiO* CP3505 series* CP3520 series* CM3530 MFP series* 3700 series* 3800 series* 4000 series* CP4005 series* P4014 series* P4015 series* 4050 series
* 4100 series * 4100mfp * 4200 series * 4240 series* 4250 series* 4300 series* 4345mfp series* M4345 MFP series* M4349 MFP series* 4350 series* 4500 series* P4510 series* 4550 series* 4600 series* 4610 series* 4650 series* 4700 series* 4730 MFP series* series CM4730mfp* 5000 series* M5025 MFP series* M5035 MFP series* 5100 series* 5200 series* 5500 series* 5550 series* CP6015 series* CM6030 MFP series* CM6040 MFP series* CM6049 MFP series* 8000 Series
* CM8050 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology* CM8060 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology
* 8100 series* 8150 series* 8150mfp series* 9000 series* 9000mfp series* 9040 series* 9040mfp series* M9040 MFP series* 9050 series* 9050mfp series* M9050 MFP series* M9059 MFP series* 9055mfp* 9065mfp* 9500 series* 9500mfp series

HP Business Inkjet/Officejet (Rede apenas) HP Business Inkjet / Officejet (Network only)

* 2250 series* 2280 series* 2300 series* 2600 series* 2800 series* 3000 Series*9100 series AIO


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