Run Android on Nokia 5800, N97 or other S60v5 mobile phones

This is the most common request today by most of the nokia users (smartphone) in almost all the mobile forums on the internet because it is fast , offering many new features , games , stylish UI , no lagging like in symbian phones.Although , it is ported to Nokia N900 but it is not full functional yet. Now, Nokia forms an alliance with Microsoft to make Windows Phone in future .Microsoft paid about $ 1 billion to nokia to promote and develop Nokia windows 7 phones.
The agreement for the more than billion-dollar payment was part of a campaign by Microsoft to keep Nokia from choosing Google’s Android operating system, one of the people said. Nokia also opted for Microsoft because Windows Phone software, which is newer than Android and has a smaller number of handsets for sale, gives Nokia a better chance to stand out, one of the people said. So, there will be no official port to Android by Nokia in future too.
But it is not possible (but not impossible) to port or run android on nokia due to many software and hardware problems. The main difficulties to run Android on Nokia are:
  • Less RAM
  • [Main] Unable to crack the Nokia boot loader which helps to run dual os ( Cracked bootloader helps in porting of android to Iphone , if nokia release the bootloader code to modder , than it may be possible)
  • Lack of dedicated graphics chip.
So,currently it is impossible to run android on nokia, If it is possible to port android to nokia in future , i will post it here.
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