Download streaming videos from internet without using any software

If you want to download any streaming videos from a web page , there are many tools available on the internet. Especially, there are tons of website and softwares available which offers you to download "YOUTUBE" videos, But what about other sites ??

Either you have to select a software which is usually a payware or select different methods for different websites which is very time consuming. To avoid this , you can download any type of streaming videos from any website by a single click from firefox browser.

So, no need of any software just an Add-on called Video download helper . It is for firefox only and works on 95% streaming video sites , it is the best option for You Tube, it also downloads high quality videos from You Tube.

Download Add-on here.
After installing , this addon appear as an icon in menu bar. Now , when you want to download this video , run video > Click on add-on icon > You can see the video file link as in image below > Click to save it.

When video downloading begins, close the video window or tab otherwise it will slow down the downloading speed.Please leave your comments here and subscribe to email list for future updates
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