Download Puppy talk ( Talking Tom cat like app ) for nokia 5800, s60v5 symbian phones

I already published the links to download Talking Tom Cat for Nokia. It covers almost all the physical actions as performed by Talking Tom cat on android, but it lacks voice modulation in real time which we like the most in "Talking" Tom cat.

But now a app can be used to cover this voice modulation feature in real time like Talking Tom cat for Nokia and works perfectly well than i expected. although it lags as comparing to Android's Talking Tom cat but you should know that most of the android -phones are fast due to the fast hardware support to them as compare to Nokia that's why these app runs fast on android.

Puppy Talk : It is a Symbian or .sis file based on QT. A very nice app. In this , a puppy modulates your voice to a more funny voice in real time. It do not perform any physical action , it just speaks. The main problem of this app is that it keeps on listening or recording even there is very little noise . So, to remove this error and make this app fast . just place your finger on phone's microphone after speaking anything. It will instantaneously repeats (in funny way) what you speak like Talking Tom Cat.

First , install QT in your phone,if you already installed QT than download the file to install puppy talk in your phone. Please make sure that your QT is updated to latest version for faster response of this app.
Download it from Nokia store
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