Install operating system from your USB pen drive easily

 Now you can install new operating system without cd/dvd or cd/dvd drive from USB pen drive without formatting your computer.

Tool to Install Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 from your USB Pen Drive.
This tool also used to install operating system from damaged cd/dvd drive or in mini laptops in which there is no cd or dvd drive.

Tools required

  •  First, you need a pen drive if you are going to install XP than you need 1 GB or if you want to install vista or windows 7 , you need minimum 4 GB pen drive.
  • Second, you need a windows installer cd/dvd for XP, Vista or windows 7.
  • Third, you need a computer from which you can copy your operating system cd/dvd to pen drive.

  1. Put windows installer cd/dvd into drive and attach USB pen drive to the computer.
  2. Now, Run this program.
  3. Just select your cd/dvd drive and USB drive from the menu where the installer cd / dvd / Pen drive is inserted and within few clicks , your USB pen drive will be a bootable USB drive along with the operating system.
  4. Now, your pen drive is ready, just attach it to any pc or laptop in which you want to install windows. In boot option, select boot from USB and start the system, installation will start.
This tool is of just 6.74 MB in size
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