Complete Internet Repair - A utility to solve all internet problems

There are many different internet problems you encounter now a days. This is a complete solution of all your internet problems like corrupted windows update, repair internet explorer 9, reset windows firewall configuration , rest internet protocol, renew internet connections.

you can solve all the problems just with a single click. You can select all the problems, you want to resolve and click "Go!" . That's all !!

 If your computer is under attack of any virus, malware and internet is not working, or only some pages are visible or internet explorer is showing some error messages or it is restarting again and again.



  1. Thank you for writing about our software, we appreciate your support. We changed our home page and updated Complete Internet Repair. It is a little less annoying now. The homepage does not open on start-up anymore and there are other enhancements. Here is the download link: We would appreciate it if you could update your links to our new home?

    Thank you

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