Now take part in contest to win onion supply for 1 month by

Now, Thats true inflation in India, as you know in India , onion prices are very high now a days i.e 1 Kg onion =  Rs.100 (2.2 $) , all times high. Now , started a contest to its users, whose winner will get free onion supply for 1 month including 5 friends of his choice :)...So, funny.... you can also participate just by answering a simple question "WHY DO YOU DESERVE TO WIN HUNDREDS OF ONIONS?" This contest is for Indian users only :) ,

This contest will end on Jan 1, 2010 , 6:00 PM (IST). Winner will be announced on 3rd of Jan 2010. So visit , to participate and win precious onions on this new year :)
Ravinder Verma

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