Everything you want to know about Airtel 3G

Airtel is just going to launch 3G service by end of this month. Airtel is the No.1 telecom operator in India and 5th biggest telecom operator of the world.

Aiterl won the 3G spectrum in 18 circles this year. You can see the circles (see red) in which Airtel is going to launch 3G service.

Although Tata Docomo already launched his 3G services but Airtel 3G is most awaited because it is going to be launched in main metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai.

Airtel is using HSPA technology for 3G, which offers most fastest speed over the 3G upto 21 Mbps. instead of WCDMA based technology which offers only 384 Kbps at max. speed. To enjoy best speed of the Airtel 3G  its all in your hand , The reasons are given below :

  • your handset must be HSPA compatible so that you can enjoy max speed if your handset uses WCDMA technology , you are not able to use network full speed i.e if minimum speed of  airtel 3g is 3.2 mbps , with your WCDMA handset( like N73, N70, N 63) you will get only 384 Kbps maximum speed. So, don't blame Airtel for low speed. just upgrade your handset.
  • Better network coverage area , if you are living or working in area where Airtel network is weak means 50-30%, then don't opt for Airtel 3G as most handsets Switch over to GSM mode from 3G mode (HSPA mode) if network strength is below 50% . Also, battery consumption is more if your phone continuously  switching from GSM to 3G mode (In Dual mode option) . By selecting only 3G network option in your phone will causes sudden drop of calls or no network at all.
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