Download New stable version of Google Chrome browser

If you don't want to use "Beta" version of Google Chrome , you can download the stable version of Google Chrome now.

Google fixes about 800 "Bugs" in this browser version .
So, Download now Google Chrome 8 (version 8.0.552.215) . 

  • Chrome works in Multiple Process System where every process e.g. Java Script, HTML, Plugins etc.. When a Java Script will run that will be isolated from the HTML and so on. That will make Chrome a Stable Browser.
  • User can see the memory consumption on each pages (opened on single tab), that way one can control the activities on the browser whether the user needs to close the page or not. Chrome a Memory Efficient Browser.

Other than , the other previous features ,along with "PDF viewer" and "sandbox", which helps to keep the browser safe from viruses and spywares.

In new PDF viewer, zoom-in, zoom-out, right-click save, copy text and print like extra features are available.



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