Tata Docomo 3G launched

HAPPY DIWALI READERS......Tata Docomo 3G launched.... now enjoy 3G life and discover the possibilities in 3G

Discover the exciting world of 3G.
Now DO the new with 3G, at a refreshingly fast pace. Coming from the world leaders in 3G, Tata DOCOMO 3G is an all-new way to experience life on the go!
Life on 3G is definitely faster a, richer & exciting. With Tata DOCOMO 3G, your mobile phone is no more just a device that makes calls - it's a TV, a theatre, a gaming console and a satellite camera all at once. Do much more with your smartphone than you ever imagined!
3G translates into a richer experience at blazing speeds, all on the go!
What you can do in 3G:
  • Social Networking taken to a new level!
Now share those precious moments instantly with your friends! Upload pictures and videos on your social network directly from your phone – and don’t worry about the file size! While larger files would need more time (as upload speeds are lower compared to download speeds), the 3G network will allow uploads at blazing fast speeds.

  • Video Calling
Real time video calling completely changes the way you connect with your friends and family. It’s a whole new experience that comes only on a 3G mobile phone. Making a video call to family and friends means you’ll be able to see them smile and hear them laugh on your mobile phone - the video of the caller is transmitted in real time!
It’s the next best thing to being there.
Note: For Video Calling, you and the person you are video calling must have a 3G phone and be in the coverage area of the respective 3G network.

  • Faster Internet on Mobile
With 3G there is amazingly fast internet connection.But do note, that the internet speed is dependent on the type of service and application you access from a particular server.
i recommends to use HSPA handsets as it enables you to enjoy the full power of the 3G on your phone, be it real time video conferences or watching the next T20 live !

  • Data Security
The 3G network provides connectivity between the handset and the internet domain and is fully secure. The enhanced security provided by 3G makes the transactions through mobile much safer.

  • Online Gaming on Mobile
With the 3G connection, you can play online games or invite all your friends to enjoy HD gaming.

  • Live TV
3G allows you to watch live streaming television on your phone! With 3G network, you will never miss that great cricket catch or your favourite sitcom, wherever you are. Waiting and commuting become fun, with the entertainment and information you can now get.

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