Task manager tabs and menu bar missing

 Sometimes, when you are running task bar , the top menu and other tabs are missing and not appearing in the window. In the top menu there are several drop down options tab like File, options, help , Processes , Users and many more. In our current problem, all these menus and tabs are gone missing.

Actually, the clean Task Manager with ‘missing tabs and menus’ interface is not an error nor a bug. In fact, it’s a feature of Windows Task Manager to run in tiny foot-print compact mode. In compact mode, not only the menu bar and tabs are hidden, the top and bottom window border frames which contains Minimize, Maximize and Quit/Exit buttons and status bar also go into hidden and not visible.

To fix this, simply double click on an empty space in the top border or lower border as seen in figure or just double click on the empty area around the border of Task Manager window again.


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