Live Mobile TV on Tata Docomo 3G

Now watch Live TV on the go, right on your mobile phone with Tata DOCOMO's Mobile TV Service. Enjoy your favourite channels live, pause & play back or even record clips. Post them on your favourite social network & let your friends know what you're watching. You can also browse the program guide and set reminders.

 Accessing, Installing Mobile TV on Tata Docomo
  • To access Mobile TV, you need to first install the application on your 3G device
  • To install Mobile TV application, go to 3G Life Portal or 3G Life Application.
    1. Click on Mobile TV
    2. Downloading followed by installation will start :
      1. You need to accept various download/installation related message prompts till 'installation successful' prompt is received.
      2. Mobile TV client is installed and stored in the relevant folder of your device.

Viewing TV channels on Mobile TV

To View Mobile TV:
  • Open the Client from the Installations folder
  • Select the Channel
  • Subscribe
  • On confirmation of subscription, you can start Viewing your favorite Channel


Send an SMS as "Mobile TV" to 53333. You will receive a Download Link.
Click on the link to get the application downloaded on to handset. The SMS sending & download of application is not charged.


"Unsubscribe" option provides you the facility to switch from one plan to any other plan and also to unsubscribe to this service at any point of time.


Customer has to opt in for one of these plans:
  • The subscription for all the channels is Rs.99 for all the channels plus the browsing charges.
    1. This will allow customer to access all available channels unlimited.
    2. Rs.99 subscription charges will be auto renewed every 30 days.
    3. Data Access Charges @1p/1KB apply over and above the subscription charges
  • You can also subscribe to single channels at Rs.10 per channel with a capping of 10 mins of viewing time
    1. This will allow customer to access 10 minutes per channel per month.
    2. This plan is not auto-renewable.
    3. Data Access Charges @1p/1KB apply over and above the subscription charges
Support : 
In case of any problem , checkout the support page here.

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