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In previous article , we discussed about the various adsense sizes , in this we will discuss about the effectiveness of adsense ads colors , how the color selection can increase the adsense revenue effectively.

The colors used within an ad can play a significant role in the effectiveness of the ad.

In general there are 2 approaches you can take when choosing the colors used in the adsense ads The first is to blend the advertisements into your webpages and the second is to make them stand out. A very basic example of the two different types of ads are shown here with the use of a link unit above some links:

Changing the colors of an ad can be done through your AdSense account and is very self-explanatory, especially as there is a live preview available. The selectable colors via the color selector is very limited so it is worth the time and effort to find the exact colors you want, and typing in the hexidecimal code into the textbox provided.

If you are blending your ads into the webpage, then go with the general color scheme of your site.

However if you're trying to make the advertisement stand out, then it is worth testing the ads with different colors and see which one performs best. You'll find that some color combination's will perform significantly better than others.

According to the "Inside Adsense blog"...many publishers have found that visitors are more likely to see and click on Google ads when the ads themselves blend cleanly into a site...", which suggests that blending is in general the better approach to take.

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