Free PSD file viewer software

PSD is the extension for the graphics or files saved in Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is a great software for graphics but it is a very costly software of about $ 699 , so to view PSD files youcan download this free software ,no further requirement of adobe photoshop ,it is free , so no activation , no buying needed..PSD viewer is only 9.5 mb in size.

various features of this viewer are :

  • True Full Screen viewer with image zoom support;
  • Image can be zoomed using Mouse Wheel or slider. Pan image by mouse dragging the image;
  • Rotate Clockwise button - rotate an image 90 degrees clockwise;
  • Rotate Counterclockwise button - rotate an image 90 degrees counterclockwise.

you can download 'PSD Viewer' from here :


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