Motherboard drivers cd/dvd lost , Here is the solution

One day ,one of my friend 'Dev' told me that she wants to reinstall operating system ( Vista , in this case ) on his laptop but she cann't do it because she lost the motherboard drivers cd or dvd of her laptop. Motherboard drivers are specific for a particlar motherboard, So, motherboard model number is essential to download its drivers from the internet. This problem helps me in writing this article.

This is a common problem usually faced by all of us as reinstalling operating system is not a daily task, it is almost yearly for most of the users and during this time if user forgets to take backup of his motherboard drivers or motherboard cd . Driver cd may be damaged during this period. So, here is the solution for this problem.
If you have lost your motherboard CD and do not know your motherboard model number and want to download or update your drivers, here is a very good application for you.
  • Driver Genius Professional
Driver Genius Professional is best software available in this category of softwares, Its not only search and update your drivers but also it helps in backup, restore of all windows your drivers automatically in just few clicks!
 With Backup , you can easily reinstall os and  install drivers easily. So, this is a very important part of your backup softwares , is isn't.

The main features of this software are:
  • Quick backup of all current drivers of your computer
  • Multiple drivers installed with a single click.
  • Driver scan scheduler,  Ensure drivers are up-to date.
  • Fast drivers detection & download
  • Removes incompatible drivers, hence increases system performance.  

Compatibilty :  It is compatible to all versions of Windows ( including Windows 7 ) , supports 11 languages,.

LINK1  ||  LINK2
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