Most easiest method to download YouTube videos

YouTube is most popular video sharing site but it doesn't give the option to download the videos from it. You can only view the videos over this site by default .

There are hundreds of softwares, websites which may be used to download videos from YouTube. These websites and softwares becomes non functional over the time as there are changes in the code of YouTube which is very common . So, you have to find another new method to download YouTube.

I am using " Internet Download Manager (IDM) " to download video from YouTube. It is the most easiest  method which is still functional from past 2 years, i am personally using this method thats why i want to share this method with my users.

How to Download: 

  • Download ( link below) & install Internet Download Manager (IDM)
  • Run IDM
  • It will start running in background & icon is visible in system tray
  • Open YouTube video link in browser, which you want to Download
  • After some seconds, There is pop-up of "Download this video" on right upper side of embedded video in YouTube
  • Click & Download will begin instantaneously.
  • You can even pause the downloads and resume again,but for a single session only.

If the pop-up don't appear then just refresh the page again. . . .
The main advantage of this software is , downloading of video is at much higher speed as compared to conventional YouTube downloaders.

Download (Internet Download Manager- Trial)
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