Know how to analyze your adsense reports

In previous post, I told you about the adsense basics, what is adsense, how adsense works. This post will helps you to know , how to analyze adsense reports and it is important because by analyzing you can learn how to optimize adsense for higher earnings.

If you are new to Adsense , it is very difficult to understand the terms or values in the adsense reports, This post will concisely explain each value or term appearing in Adsense reports

When you are new to AdSense you may find it difficult to comprehend what all the various values mean within the reports section. This tutorial will give concise explanations on each measurement:

All important values appearing in Adsense are listed below:


  • Todays Estimated Earnings - Your estimated earnings so far today from adsense overall.
  • View - Selection of which period to show ( today, yesterday, last 7 days, this month ,last month, total).
  • AdSense for content - Statistics for both link and content units.
  • Adsense for Domains - Statistics for adsense ads on Parked Domains
  • AdSense for search - Statistics for search units.
  • Referrals - Referral Information.
  • AdSense for Mobile content -  Statistics for Adsense ads on mobiles
  • AdSense for Feeds -Statistics for Adsense feed units
  • Google Affiliate Network - Affiliate program stats supported by adsense.
  • Total Earnings - Your total earning during the period reported, which is selected via "View".


    • Page Impressions - The number of times a page with adsense ads were on it were loaded. more the impression lower the CTR.

    • Clicks - The Total number of clicks a link unit, content unit, mobile ads unit, feed ad unit or sponsored listings on the search results page received.
    • Page CTR - The "Click-Through-Rate", which is calculated by the number of clicks divided by the number of page impressions. This is used by webmasters as an indication of the effectiveness of the ad. For Regular sites an average value for this is between 3-5%, whereas for sites such as image hosts, forums, arcade sites it is much lower. The higher the CTR the more clicks you are receiving and therefore the more beneficial it is for you. But High CTR , more then 10 % CTR  for 2-3 months may alert google that you are generating fake clicks, and they will ban your account.
    • Page eCPM - The estimated CPM, or "Cost Per 1,000 Impressions". This indicated how much you are earning per 1,000 impressions and is calculated, unsurprisingly by dividing your earnings so far by the number of impressions.Now , Google serving many ads based on CPM instead of CTR.
    • Earning - The total earnings for that page or channel.
    • Queries - The number of times a search unit was used.
    So, you learned and understand , what all the terms in analyzing report means, now we will use adsense optimization techniques to mainly increase CTR means High value clicks. I will post many methods for adsense optimization in future.

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