Google Updated its Realtime Search

Google recently upgraded its realtime search and enhances many feature of realtime search making it more user friendly . The main difference between Google main search and Google Realtime search is that you can access the relevant results which are freshly indexed on the Google about the keywords you are searching for.

Also Twitter's Tweets about the keyword you are searching for also indexed on the Google which are excluded in regular results. The new enhancements of realtime page are as follows:
  • Conversations view to follow discussiomns in Realtime, Which will include realtime re-tweets and replies, it helps to view realtime discussions on web
  • Pinpoint results by location, time, and more
  • An update to Google alerts to stay updated about the keyword you choose
You can view a dedicated page for Gooogle Realtime on , Watch the video below to know , how can you use the Google realtime results efficiently.

Please use and share your review about the Google realtime search here, in comments section . . .
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